for individuals with full intellect & senses but losing their power of speech who urgently need to find alternative means of communication that work
we try to avoid jargon but do use these abbreviations -

AAC = Augmentative and Alternative Communication includes all forms of communication (other than oral speech) that are used to express thoughts, needs, wants, and ideas. We all use AAC when we make facial expressions or gestures, use symbols or pictures, or write.

MND = Motor Neurone Disease, also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig's Disease.

PC = Personal Computer or Mac Computer

SaLT = Speech and Language Therapists are concerned with the management of disorders of speech, language, communication and swallowing in children and adults.

UK = United Kingdom

USA = United States of America

USB = Socket on a computer

wpm = words per minute

what we do

We constantly source, experiment with, and test new hardware and software ingredients in combination with pre-tested ingredients under laboratory conditions.

Periodically we present dishes prepared from recipes for "tasting" to a panel of interested parties including Speech and Language Therapists, MND sufferers and their carers.

If the recipe is used in a successful trial we publish the recipe.

what we don't do
  • Make any charge to our users with MND
  • Manufacture any hardware
  • Author any software
  • Invent anything
  • Research MND causes or cures
  • Eyegaze technology

simonface is
  • An independent not-for-profit initiative being pioneered in Cheshire UK
  • A research program involving Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
  • A project in consultation with Speech and Language Therapists (SaLT) and 
  • Working in conjunction with the Cheshire Branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association
  • Founded by Simon Greenway, Cheshire, UK  in 2009.

This is in an effort to empower people with Motor Neurone Disease to achieve the highest quality of life possible.

Problems with communication can occur as a result of Motor Neurone Disease and the choice of aids can be bewildering - from low-tech items such as alphabet boards and speech cards, to high-tech aids such as computer software. Our aim is to test some of the high-tech gear that is reasonably priced or sometimes free, and publish our results in the form of "recipes"
Simonface recipes are a mix of reasonably priced hardware and software "ingredients" that enable various methods of alternative communication on a laptop, netbook, tablet or iPad computer.

Recipes that, if closely followed, should produce perfect results everytime which can then be modified by the user to taste.