We are inviting contributions to our recipes from
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Software authors
  • Hardware manufacturers
  • AAC/AT Specialist Speech-Language Pathologists
  • Neurologists and health professionals
Providers of 

Speech and Language Therapists (SaLTs) are an essential ingredient of all our recipes. This is to ensure that our starting point is an independent assessment of the abilities and communication needs of each individual. 

We then formulate a basic recipe capable of being personalised by the user and SaLT to taste.

Please email us if you are a SaLT interested in learning more about our work
We are interested in looking at any AAC and AT technologies that may assist those with MND communicate.

These must run on a medium spec laptop/netbook/tablet/iPad and cost less than £600.

we have already sourced some great ingredients from

Claro Software & Interfaces
JayBee - FREE 30 days trial

Camera Mouse - face tracker - FREE

Verbally - Speech App for iPad - FREE

The Cheshire model

Simonface are in worldwide consultation with professionals, skilled experts including professors of assistive technology, AAC/AT specialist speech-language pathologists, software authors, hardware manufacturers, carers, and most importantly the people living with Motor Neurone Disease.

Our research starts out in a laboratory in Cheshire UK from where we source and test AAC software and AT hardware products from all over the world.
We are constantly looking for innovative reasonably priced products that are robust in combination, quick to set up and easy to use.

We devise recipes for specific trials in Cheshire based on a combination of hardware and software ingredients.

They all cost under £600, run on a laptop, netbook or tablet usually under windows 7 home premium or iPad2.

Periodically we present "dishes" prepared from our recipes to a tasting panel of interested parties including -
  • Committee members of the Cheshire branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association
  • Speech and language therapists
  • Selected patients with MND
  • Selected carers
  • Interested health professionals
The speech and language therapists (SaLTs) are asked to identify any MND sufferers living in Cheshire that may benefit from a trial of the simonface recipe.
  • A full assessment is made by the SaLT of the individuals abilities, needs, capabilities and resources
  • This includes the number of words per minute achievable with any equipment they may already use
  • Simonface formulate a recipe to suit the individual based on this assessment
  • A demonstration "simonfacebox" is prepared according to the recipe and tested by simonface
  • The SaLT is trained in its use
  • The "simonfacebox" is then loaned to the user
  • The SaLT and Simonface team oversee the initial home set-up and training of users and carers
  • The SaLT monitors the user's adaptation to the recipe
  • Trial data is recorded by the user and the SaLT on-line
  • Initial trial period may vary from one to three months
  • Independent controls to ensure consistent comparison and effective data are regulated by the SaLT model
  • A full assessment is made by the SaLT of the usefulness of the AAC recipe including the users comments
  • The cost of the recipe is calculated
We simply ask the user, face to face, to tell us what they think of the recipe in their own words. Later we measure the wpm that they are able to read out a standard text   ...and check the smile on their face !

If deemed successful and cost effective, simonface publish these findings as a case study and a recipe.

are you involved in any of these ?
  • voice banking
  • SAPI5 synthetic voice production
  • phrase banking
  • phrase prediction
  • synthetic speech
  • wireless mouse devices
  • 3D input devices
  • touchpad input devices
  • face mouse with open mouth to click
  • speech recognition
  • screengrids
  • wireless remote controls
  • home automation

Neurologists & health professionals

We are aware that no two cases of MND are identical

Simonface need to design recipes that can progress with a parallel timeline to the expected progression of  patients' gross and fine motor loss

We need to minimise the risk of injury such as RSI, because of prolonged use of one input method in our recipes

We need professional medical advice to ensure that none of our recipes could actually harm the patient in any way including contributing to motor loss or muscle wasting 

We want to talk to those who may be interested in MND incidence & prevalence clusters round Cheshire CW9 UK

This is in an effort to empower people with Motor Neurone Disease to achieve the highest quality of life possible.